Feminist Sluts in the QueerXShow

a sex-positive roadmovie by Emilie Jouvet

France/Germany 2010, col. 89 min, HD

Production: Emilie Jouvet/Womart Productions, JP ZIrn/La Seine Productions and Jürgen Brüning Filmproduktion

With: Wendy Delorme, Judy Minx, Mad Kate, Madison Young, Sadie Lune and DJ Metzgerei

Every time we fuck, we win!

Seven women take on a performance art tour through the famous night clubs and theaters of Europe. They are activists, artists, writers, musicians, sex-workers and porn stars, of various sexual (dis)orientations and gender expressions.

In this explicit documentary, Emilie Jouvet shows it all: their wild adventures, the intimate connections and the inevitable tensions evolving between each other, their sexual encounters with the locals and their lives between pornography and art, performance and reality, personal and political.


World Premiere:

International Premiere:

Paris LGBT FF 2010

Mix Brasil São Paolo LGBT FF 2010

Queersicht Bern LGBT FF 2010

Reims FF 2010

Belfort EntreVues 2010

Watch Docs Warsaw 2010

Kingston FF 2011

PFF Athens 2011

Toulouse GLBT IFF 2011

!fIstanbul Independent IFF 2011

Paris Queer Week 2011

Paris Femis 2011

Melbourne Queer FF 2011

Lyon GLBT IFF 2011

Lausanne Zimena 2011

Nice LGBT FF 2011


London GLBT FF 2011

Warsaw DKF Muranów 2011

Marseille Festival Reflet 2011

Lausanne Zinema 2011

Ladyfest Paris 2011

Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2014


PorYes Feminist Porn Film Award Europe 2011
One + One Award - Belfort Entrevues IFF 2010