(Fase 7)

by Nicolás Goldbart

Argentina 2010, col. 97 min, HD

Production: Aeroplano

Cast: Daniel Hendler, Federico Luppi, Jazmin Stuart, Jose “Yayo” Guridi

How long can you ignore apocalypse?

Argentina has been hit by a fatal epidemic. Alarmed, people are stocking up on food and batteries. Inside a quarantined apartment building Coco has to protect his pregnant wife Pipi from the collapsing world outside – and his new neighbors. Panic-fuelled, they slowly turn into insidious enemies…


World Premiere: Sitges IFFF 2010

National Premiere: Mar del Plata IFF 2010

SXWX Austin 2011

Brussels IFFF 2011

La Mirada LAFF 2011

Mostra de Cinéma Llatinoamericà Lleida 2011

Imagine Amsterdam IFFF 2011

PiFan Seoul 2011

Fantastic Zagreb 2011

Fantasy Fest 2011

Komische Filmnacht Berlin/Leipzig 2011

MotelX Lisboa 2011

BUT - Bmovie, Underground and Trash Film Festival 2011

Ourense IFF 2011

Kaohsiung IFF 2011

Sci-Fi FF London 2011

FanCine Malaga IFF 2011

Brisbane IFF 2011

Malatya IFF 2011

Exground Filmfest Wiesbaden 2011

FanCine Malaga 2011

Utrecht LAFF 2012

Bilbao Fantasy FF 2012

Transatlantyk IFF 2012


Best Script - Sitges IFFF 2010