LIKE CATTLE TOWARDS GLOW                                    

by Dennis Cooper & Zac Farley

Germany/ France/ /USA/ Canada 2015 col. 93 min.

Production: Jürgen Brüning Filmproduktion, Raspberry & Cream

Cast: Nicolas Hau, Gabriel Norman, E.D. Yang, Joris Monnier, Jimmy P., Valentin Puyau,, Elri, O.B. De Alessi, Paul Hameline, Luca Gabrieli, Raphael Bouvet, Laurence Viallet, Gael Depauw, Claude Pérès, Christophe Honoré, Gisèle Vienne, Tim Ramenau

The thought of having sex causes the bodies of 13 confused young people to form an intricate pattern

They’re nameless and we don’t know much about them, except that they have something important in common: they explore, in the moment and in their own way, fantasies that most people would consider extreme.

With five consecutive stories featuring different outcasts, LIKE CATTLE TOWARDS GLOW  looks directly into the shadowy side of sexual desire as it is rarely seen on big screen. Whether they are addicted to heroin, suicidal or driven by underground violence, the characters imagined by American writer Dennis Cooper and Franco -American visual artist Zac Farley all move in darkness towards something intense, dangerous, unsustainable, fatal. Their very explicit dramatic feature is not, however, merely provocative: it also takes an interest in the fragility of 13 people in their 20s who are chasing an elusive refuge that could kill them at any moment.

This film, equal in measures fascinating and disturbing, boasts superb images created by Michael Salerno, who is not shy about looking directly at bodies in their most vulnerable moments. (‘Montreal - Festival of New Cinema’)


World Premiere: L’Étrange Festival 2015

International Premiere: Montreal International New Cinema FF 2015

German Premiere: Porn FF 2015

Australian Premiere: Melbourne Queer FF 2016

Latin American Premiere: BAFICI 2016

Mexican Premiere: Mix Mexico 2016

Brazilian Premiere: PopPorn FF 2016

San Francisco Cinematheque 2016

Metz Subversive FF 2016

The Horse Hospital 2016

Perth Queer FF 2016

Llamale H 2016

The Creative Independent NY 2016

Sitges IFFF 2016

Eyes Wide Open Cinema 2016

Chéries-Chéris LGBT FF 2016

Cinemateket Oslo 2017